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Top 20 TV shows on Netflix instant

The 20 Best TV Shows On Netflix

Looking for something to watch but don’t want to sit through an entire movie? Netflix offers a huge variety of television series, but sorting through their massive collection can be time consuming and tedious.  We at have no lives so we constantly compile lists of the best series for you to watch.


Great action with Kiefer Sutherland24: The real time action TV Show about Jack Bauer saving the US from terrorist attacks. The action scenes are well made and the plot is always full of twists making this TV Show one of the best I have ever seen. Jack Bauer is the chuck norris of the 21st century.




A superb script with some great performance from the castMad Men: A drama about the ad men in New York in 1960s. Extremely well written and made and it is very realistic and accurate. Superb performance by Jon Hamm.





Almost a cult comedy it is that good.Arrested Development: A hugely popular comedy starring Jason Bateman as a son who takes over the business after his dad is imprisoned. Hilarious script with many original characters.




Lost TV Show. Do I need to say more?Lost: The TV Show that took the world by storm! One of the best pilots I have ever seen. You are hooked from the very first minute. Exciting and addictive TV Show with a great performance by the cast.




Breaking Bad is very entertainingBreaking Bad: A different but great script about a man diagnosed with cancer who “breaks bad” and becomes a manufacture of drugs.





The best super natural TV Show ever madeSupernatural: A TV Show about 2 brothers fighting Ghost and Demons. Surprisingly good special effects and a original script. Some of the episodes have some really great and original stories that distinguish this show from the other supernatural TV Shows. The acting is also pretty good making this an overall really good TV Show.




Funny story about a mom selling weedWeeds: Comedy about a suburban stay-home-mom who is in need of money turns into a marijuana dealer. Mary-Louise Parker is brilliant and portrays a very real character.





Suspenseful show with some actionSons of Anarchy: A crime drama about a man struggling between being a new dad and part of a criminal motorcycle gang. Great twist that will keep you interested and entertained.




A good all around TV Show with some good actingFriday Night Lights: A drama about how much a football team matters to a small town and how the town puts pressure on the team to perform. A well written script that portrays the emotions of the players and the coach in a superb and believable way.




Tiny Fey "rocks" as a comedy writer30 Rock: A hilarious comedy created by the very talented Tina Fey. A TV Show about how the employees on a TV network must deal with their new boss without losing their mind.





Funny sitcom that can compete with FriendsHow I Met Your Mother: A great comedy about a guy who is, with the help of his friends, looking for the woman of this dreams. Great cast that includes Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris.




OMG you killed KennySouth Park: An often “step over the line” but hilarious animated comedy about 4 kids in a very dysfunctional city. A show with a lot of creative freedom and hilarious sketches.





Suprisingly good show and superb acting by JulianNip/Tuck: A TV Show about two friends that run a plastic surgery together. The contrast between the two characters makes the show very entertaining. The subplots are brilliant and together with a great cast you have got yourself a good show.




Great first 2 seasonsPrison Break: Prison break movies are always exciting to watch so making a TV Show about prison breaks was a great idea and luckily the show lived up the expectations. Great entertainment as we see the escapes and the life people experience as fugitives.




Glen Close as we like her. Cold and calculatedDamages: One of the more intelligent scripts written for TV. Glen Close acts exceptionally well as she plays a lawyer that is always willing to do anything to win her case.





Matt Bomer carries this showWhite Collar: A White Collar crime convict helps the FBI out with catching criminals. A different and entertaining script with some great performance by Matt Bomer.





Whacky but hilariousScrubs: A different but very funny show about doctors working in the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital. The occasional move into the absurd and wackiness provides a refreshing break from the other TV Shows out there.




Makes every day things funnyRescue Me: Fire Fighter Tommy Gavin deals with fear from the job and the problems he keeps getting into in this private life. A script that makes every day things seem funny.





One of the best crime dramas out thereLaw & Order Special Victim Unit: A crime drama about detectives getting exposed to the dark side of New York as they work in a Special Victim Unit. A great show that really shows the emotional stress a detective goes through.




A freash breath with some drama and comedyGrey’s Anatomy: Drama about 5 young interns in Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital. The show is full of great characters and subsequently the obstacles they run into. A well written hospital drama with a bit of comedy thrown in.




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