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Every Netflix TV Series Sorted by IMDB Ranking

Every Netflix TV Series Sorted by IMDB Ranking

Every TV Series on Netflix Sorted by IMDB Ranking

Here is an easy guide to find the best TV Series  on Netflix.
All series are sorted by IMDB rating.

Will try to keep it up to date, please comment if a show needs to be added or removed.

Happy binge watching :)

Breaking Bad2008TV SeriesRate9.6527,41416 Oct 2012
Sherlock2010TV SeriesRate9.3289,79416 Oct 2012
Firefly2002TV SeriesRate9.2142,05616 Oct 2012
Arrested Development2003TV SeriesRate9.2166,30716 Oct 2012
House of Cards2013TV SeriesRate9.1135,57906 Feb 2013
Dexter2006TV SeriesRate9.0368,4349 months ago
Freaks and Geeks1999TV SeriesRate9.069,14316 Oct 2012
Twin Peaks1990TV SeriesRate9.074,49516 Oct 2012
Twilight Zone1959TV SeriesRate8.931,69116 Oct 2012
Doctor Who2005TV SeriesRate8.9107,85910 Aug 2013
Fawlty Towers1975TV SeriesRate8.940,91406 Feb 2013
Archer2009TV SeriesRate8.949,87216 Oct 2012
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia2005TV SeriesRate8.999,07606 Feb 2013
The Office2005TV SeriesRate8.9143,03611 months ago
Battlestar Galactica2004TV SeriesRate8.896,50816 Oct 2012
The West Wing1999TV SeriesRate8.833,01306 Feb 2013
The X-Files1993TV SeriesRate8.896,91916 Oct 2012
Supernatural2005TV SeriesRate8.8199,29316 Oct 2012
Sons of Anarchy2008TV SeriesRate8.7111,40216 Oct 2012
Futurama1999TV SeriesRate8.7101,45811 months ago
Alfred Hitchcock Presents1955TV SeriesRate8.75,24216 Oct 2012
The Walking Dead2010TV SeriesRate8.7403,95416 Oct 2012
Mad Men2007TV SeriesRate8.7105,96116 Oct 2012
The Office2001TV SeriesRate8.749,77116 Oct 2012
Friday Night Lights2006TV SeriesRate8.732,28816 Oct 2012
Star Trek: The Next Generation1987TV SeriesRate8.746,52411 months ago
Louie2010TV SeriesRate8.739,52316 Oct 2012
Peep Show2003TV SeriesRate8.725,25616 Oct 2012
Coupling2000TV SeriesRate8.728,61911 months ago
Luther2010TV SeriesRate8.641,19616 Oct 2012
Agatha Christie’s Poirot1989TV SeriesRate8.616,5176 months ago
Prison Break2005TV SeriesRate8.6221,50516 Oct 2012
The IT Crowd2006TV SeriesRate8.668,10516 Oct 2012
Lost2004TV SeriesRate8.6283,34616 Oct 2012
The Venture Bros.2003TV SeriesRate8.615,33511 months ago
Parks and Recreation2009TV SeriesRate8.665,95016 Oct 2012
How I Met Your Mother2005TV SeriesRate8.6333,20716 Oct 2012
Terriers2010TV SeriesRate8.66,93416 Oct 2012
Red Dwarf1988TV SeriesRate8.618,27211 months ago
Scrubs2001TV SeriesRate8.6147,66816 Oct 2012
Orange Is the New Black2013TV SeriesRate8.585,20411 months ago
A Bit of Fry and Laurie1987TV SeriesRate8.54,57511 months ago
Fringe2008TV SeriesRate8.5142,36410 Aug 2013
Trailer Park Boys2001TV SeriesRate8.516,55816 Oct 2012
The Inbetweeners2008TV SeriesRate8.538,33806 Feb 2013
Prime Suspect1991Mini-SeriesRate8.53,26510 months ago
Blue Mountain State2010TV SeriesRate8.524,87716 Oct 2012
Psych2006TV SeriesRate8.555,55916 Oct 2012
Kolchak: The Night Stalker1974TV SeriesRate8.51,96216 Oct 2012
Spiral2005TV SeriesRate8.51,95616 Oct 2012
The Guild2007TV SeriesRate8.46,4885 months ago
American Horror Story2011TV SeriesRate8.4115,55006 Feb 2013
Foyle’s War2002TV SeriesRate8.45,88816 Oct 2012
City Hunter2011TV SeriesRate8.41,01216 Oct 2012
Star Trek1966TV SeriesRate8.434,21411 months ago
Outrageous Fortune2005TV SeriesRate8.41,16316 Oct 2012
Call the Midwife2012TV SeriesRate8.46,26311 months ago
The League2009TV SeriesRate8.426,79916 Oct 2012
The Dick Van Dyke Show1961TV SeriesRate8.44,11616 Oct 2012
The Wonder Years1988TV SeriesRate8.422,56816 Oct 2012
The Job2001TV SeriesRate8.41,36216 Oct 2012
Upstairs, Downstairs1971TV SeriesRate8.41,60516 Oct 2012
Beautiful People2008TV SeriesRate8.486816 Oct 2012
Farscape1999TV SeriesRate8.420,9076 months ago
Rescue Me2004TV SeriesRate8.420,54416 Oct 2012
The Returned2012TV SeriesRate8.48,2365 months ago
White Collar2009TV SeriesRate8.466,16116 Oct 2012
The Boondocks2005TV SeriesRate8.417,8516 months ago
The Boondocks2005TV SeriesRate8.417,8515 months ago
The Andy Griffith Show1960TV SeriesRate8.36,25516 Oct 2012
The Black Adder1983TV SeriesRate8.319,21411 months ago
Life2007TV SeriesRate8.326,47216 Oct 2012
Doc Martin2004TV SeriesRate8.34,94406 Feb 2013
Hell on Wheels2011TV SeriesRate8.325,48416 Oct 2012
Love/Hate2010TV SeriesRate8.33,39310 months ago
MI-52002TV SeriesRate8.39,83116 Oct 2012
30 Rock2006TV SeriesRate8.375,65516 Oct 2012
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries2012TV SeriesRate8.31,9376 months ago
Chuck2007TV SeriesRate8.390,0349 months ago
Underbelly2008TV SeriesRate8.22,9109 months ago
Arrow2012TV SeriesRate8.2151,7269 months ago
Legit2013TV SeriesRate8.24,3042 months ago
Dance Academy2010TV SeriesRate8.22,07811 months ago
Skins2007TV SeriesRate8.247,36511 months ago
Derek2012TV SeriesRate8.211,11910 months ago
Buffy the Vampire Slayer1997TV SeriesRate8.281,62616 Oct 2012
Heartland2007TV SeriesRate8.22,74006 Feb 2013
Columbo1971TV SeriesRate8.214,62211 months ago
That ’70s Show1998TV SeriesRate8.288,99816 Oct 2012
The Black Donnellys2007TV SeriesRate8.212,04716 Oct 2012
The Tudors2007TV SeriesRate8.239,61416 Oct 2012
Bates Motel2013TV SeriesRate8.233,2305 months ago
The Rockford Files1974TV SeriesRate8.23,66011 months ago
Better Off Ted2009TV SeriesRate8.219,50006 Feb 2013
The Fall2013TV SeriesRate8.210,61226 Jun 2013
The Vampire Diaries2009TV SeriesRate8.1160,68916 Oct 2012
Weeds2005TV SeriesRate8.172,22616 Oct 2012
Sleeper Cell2005TV SeriesRate8.14,41816 Oct 2012
The Killing2011TV SeriesRate8.144,95016 Oct 2012
Once Upon a Time2011TV SeriesRate8.1115,70716 Oct 2012
The Good Guys2010TV SeriesRate8.15,62316 Oct 2012
Quantum Leap1989TV SeriesRate8.116,91416 Oct 2012
Bones2005TV SeriesRate8.182,31211 months ago
The Fosters2013TV SeriesRate8.18,29710 months ago
Inspector Morse1987TV SeriesRate8.14,46510 months ago
Damages2007TV SeriesRate8.121,12716 Oct 2012
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit1999TV SeriesRate8.140,36016 Oct 2012
Ripper Street2012TV SeriesRate8.18,40911 months ago
Revenge2011TV SeriesRate8.176,78216 Oct 2012
Lights Out2011TV SeriesRate8.12,47616 Oct 2012
Longmire2012TV SeriesRate8.19,88511 months ago
Lilyhammer2012TV SeriesRate8.111,18016 Oct 2012
Pretty Little Liars2010TV SeriesRate8.175,44016 Oct 2012
Shameless2004TV SeriesRate8.19,18916 Oct 2012
Angel1999TV SeriesRate8.141,21116 Oct 2012
Jericho2006TV SeriesRate8.141,77016 Oct 2012
Burn Notice2007TV SeriesRate8.051,47011 months ago
Undeclared2001TV SeriesRate8.012,53216 Oct 2012
Murdoch Mysteries2008TV SeriesRate8.03,18210 months ago
Frasier1993TV SeriesRate8.044,38116 Oct 2012
The Riches2007TV SeriesRate8.06,57516 Oct 2012
Malcolm in the Middle2000TV SeriesRate8.071,88016 Oct 2012
Raising Hope2010TV SeriesRate8.026,08016 Oct 2012
Lie to Me2009TV SeriesRate8.072,03016 Oct 2012
The Beast2009TV SeriesRate8.02,10316 Oct 2012
The Vicar of Dibley1994TV SeriesRate8.05,8826 months ago
The State Within2006TV SeriesRate8.01,70711 months ago
The Paradise2012TV SeriesRate8.03,4662 months ago
Bob’s Burgers2011TV SeriesRate8.018,58016 Oct 2012
Childrens Hospital2008TV SeriesRate8.04,32911 months ago
Scandal2012TV SeriesRate8.029,68006 Feb 2013
Parenthood2010TV SeriesRate8.017,56316 Oct 2012
The Borgias2011TV SeriesRate8.031,0845 months ago
Agatha Christie’s Marple2004TV SeriesRate8.06946 months ago
Wallander2008TV SeriesRate8.05,25506 Feb 2013
The Bletchley Circle2012TV SeriesRate8.02,8049 months ago
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine1993TV SeriesRate7.924,92911 months ago
Borgia2011TV SeriesRate7.92,58711 months ago
Eureka2006TV SeriesRate7.933,43806 Feb 2013
Saxondale2006TV SeriesRate7.91,7216 months ago
The Tick2001TV SeriesRate7.92,5706 months ago
Merlin2008TV SeriesRate7.945,09816 Oct 2012
Waiting for God1990TV SeriesRate7.97756 months ago
New Girl2011TV SeriesRate7.997,0279 months ago
Inspector Lewis2007TV SeriesRate7.94,20011 months ago
Wilfred2011TV SeriesRate7.930,31716 Oct 2012
Hit & Miss2012TV SeriesRate7.93,2436 months ago
Awake2012TV SeriesRate7.917,18811 months ago
My Name Is Earl2005TV SeriesRate7.970,6386 months ago
Bomb Girls2012TV SeriesRate7.92,37111 months ago
United States of Tara2009TV SeriesRate7.915,68516 Oct 2012
Lincoln Heights2006TV SeriesRate7.91,19716 Oct 2012
A Touch of Frost1992TV SeriesRate7.93,29211 months ago
Switched at Birth2011TV SeriesRate7.914,18916 Oct 2012
Cheers1982TV SeriesRate7.926,38416 Oct 2012
Leverage2008TV SeriesRate7.829,2989 months ago
Lost Girl2010TV SeriesRate7.816,62111 months ago
Gavin & Stacey2007TV SeriesRate7.87,00311 months ago
Being Human2008TV SeriesRate7.817,60616 Oct 2012
Continuum2012TV SeriesRate7.834,05511 months ago
Robot Chicken2005TV SeriesRate7.828,78511 months ago
Hart of Dixie2011TV SeriesRate7.824,02516 Oct 2012
Portlandia2011TV SeriesRate7.88,70316 Oct 2012
Twisted2013TV SeriesRate7.85,7426 months ago
Twisted2013TV SeriesRate7.85,7422 months ago
Maron2013TV SeriesRate7.81,3516 months ago
Political Animals2012Mini-SeriesRate7.84,13011 months ago
Heroes2006TV SeriesRate7.8167,13116 Oct 2012
Dollhouse2009TV SeriesRate7.834,18516 Oct 2012
Monarch of the Glen2000TV SeriesRate7.81,4126 months ago
Nip/Tuck2003TV SeriesRate7.843,10516 Oct 2012
Adam-121968TV SeriesRate7.81,36516 Oct 2012
Torchwood2006TV SeriesRate7.729,47016 Oct 2012
Lip Service2010TV SeriesRate7.72,4196 months ago
MacGyver1985TV SeriesRate7.721,48316 Oct 2012
The Chicago Code2011TV SeriesRate7.76,56916 Oct 2012
Midsomer Murders1997TV SeriesRate7.711,49111 months ago
Grey’s Anatomy2005TV SeriesRate7.7118,2496 months ago
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret2009TV SeriesRate7.73,85616 Oct 2012
Hounds2012TV SeriesRate7.79111 months ago
One Tree Hill2003TV SeriesRate7.745,38916 Oct 2012
Durham County2007TV SeriesRate7.71,05510 months ago
Nikita2010TV SeriesRate7.736,13316 Oct 2012
Rosemary & Thyme2003TV SeriesRate7.71,4476 months ago
Star Trek: Voyager1995TV SeriesRate7.729,16311 months ago
Flashpoint2008TV SeriesRate7.712,30816 Oct 2012
Kidnapped2006TV SeriesRate7.72,28906 Feb 2013
American Dad!2005TV SeriesRate7.753,50216 Oct 2012
Kyle XY2006TV SeriesRate7.621,66416 Oct 2012
The Ropes2011TV SeriesRate7.646716 Oct 2012
Law & Order1990TV SeriesRate7.620,75206 Feb 2013
Rita2012TV SeriesRate7.64076 months ago
Hotel Babylon2006TV SeriesRate7.63,15511 months ago
The Following2013TV SeriesRate7.655,8019 months ago
Haven2010TV SeriesRate7.621,27910 months ago
Survivors2008TV SeriesRate7.66,16216 Oct 2012
Top of the Lake2013Mini-SeriesRate7.610,88227 Apr 2013
Warehouse 132009TV SeriesRate7.630,14116 Oct 2012
Delocated2009TV SeriesRate7.61,3676 months ago
The A-Team1983TV SeriesRate7.619,96116 Oct 2012
Alias2001TV SeriesRate7.632,13116 Oct 2012
Emily Owens M.D.2012TV SeriesRate7.64,7939 months ago
Out of Practice2005TV SeriesRate7.68066 months ago
Island at War2004Mini-SeriesRate7.66916 months ago
The L Word2004TV SeriesRate7.616,7836 months ago
Hawaii Five-O1968TV SeriesRate7.52,94416 Oct 2012
Copper2012TV SeriesRate7.57,63811 months ago
Come Fly with Me2010TV SeriesRate7.53,1386 months ago
Robin Hood2006TV SeriesRate7.510,96916 Oct 2012
Life Unexpected2010TV SeriesRate7.59,58116 Oct 2012
Magnum, P.I.1980TV SeriesRate7.511,48416 Oct 2012
Roswell1999TV SeriesRate7.518,37716 Oct 2012
Greek2007TV SeriesRate7.519,73716 Oct 2012
The Baby-Sitters Club1990TV SeriesRate7.529711 months ago
My Boys2006TV SeriesRate7.53,98816 Oct 2012
The Secret Circle2011TV SeriesRate7.531,0566 months ago
The Grand1997TV SeriesRate7.53136 months ago
Star Trek: Enterprise2001TV SeriesRate7.522,93111 months ago
Miami Vice1984TV SeriesRate7.513,12916 Oct 2012
Harper’s Island2009TV SeriesRate7.519,19316 Oct 2012
Saving Grace2007TV SeriesRate7.53,41411 months ago
Diary of a Single Mom2009TV SeriesRate7.56516 Oct 2012
The 44002004TV SeriesRate7.531,1316 months ago
Desperate Housewives2004TV SeriesRate7.477,29716 Oct 2012
The Glades2010TV SeriesRate7.48,03616 Oct 2012
Being Human2011TV SeriesRate7.418,27506 Feb 2013
Touch2012TV SeriesRate7.434,60011 months ago
The Defenders2010TV SeriesRate7.43,33616 Oct 2012
Satisfaction2007TV SeriesRate7.485716 Oct 2012
Sliders1995TV SeriesRate7.410,84716 Oct 2012
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries1977TV SeriesRate7.468816 Oct 2012
Gossip Girl2007TV SeriesRate7.485,51716 Oct 2012
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries2001TV SeriesRate7.42,06711 months ago
Traffic Light2011TV SeriesRate7.41,59911 months ago
Hemlock Grove2013TV SeriesRate7.419,77011 months ago
The Lying Game2011TV SeriesRate7.413,85606 Feb 2013
The Guardian2001TV SeriesRate7.43,03616 Oct 2012
Quincy M.E.1976TV SeriesRate7.42,23416 Oct 2012
Crossing Lines2013TV SeriesRate7.34,6005 months ago
Highlander1992TV SeriesRate7.37,81411 months ago
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles1992TV SeriesRate7.34,69716 Oct 2012
Alphas2011TV SeriesRate7.319,51716 Oct 2012
Wings1990TV SeriesRate7.36,22816 Oct 2012
Law & Order: Criminal Intent2001TV SeriesRate7.314,74711 months ago
Drop Dead Diva2009TV SeriesRate7.311,84016 Oct 2012
The L.A. Complex2012TV SeriesRate7.32,3166 months ago
Dilbert1999TV SeriesRate7.34,47916 Oct 2012
Breakout Kings2011TV SeriesRate7.310,98516 Oct 2012
The Catherine Tate Show2004TV SeriesRate7.32,25011 months ago
Titanic: Blood and Steel2012TV SeriesRate7.31,12011 months ago


Beauty and the Beast2012TV SeriesRate7.221,36710 months ago
Baby Daddy2012TV SeriesRate7.27,82806 Feb 2013
Rules of Engagement2007TV SeriesRate7.221,77016 Oct 2012
Sons of Tucson2010TV SeriesRate7.21,46316 Oct 2012
Brothers & Sisters2006TV SeriesRate7.217,06016 Oct 2012
The Gates2010TV SeriesRate7.25,94016 Oct 2012
Hack2002TV SeriesRate7.261316 Oct 2012
The Deep End2010TV SeriesRate7.265111 months ago
Everybody Loves Raymond1996TV SeriesRate7.238,94816 Oct 2012
18 to Life2010TV SeriesRate7.259016 Oct 2012
Kidnap and Ransom2011TV SeriesRate7.23806 months ago
McMillan & Wife1971TV SeriesRate7.279216 Oct 2012
Family Ties1982TV SeriesRate7.19,38916 Oct 2012
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 232012TV SeriesRate7.119,2109 months ago
Philly2001TV SeriesRate7.122216 Oct 2012
Army Wives2007TV SeriesRate7.14,83816 Oct 2012
Surface2005TV SeriesRate7.17,85111 months ago
Bitten2014TV SeriesRate7.14,9732 months ago
Caprica2009TV SeriesRate7.117,71716 Oct 2012
Melissa & Joey2010TV SeriesRate7.19,57716 Oct 2012
Little Men1998TV SeriesRate7.11296 months ago
Dallas2012TV SeriesRate7.17,75103 Mar 2013
Last Man Standing2011TV SeriesRate7.19,66210 months ago
The Game2006TV SeriesRate7.12,77716 Oct 2012
Charmed1998TV SeriesRate7.042,22216 Oct 2012
Beauty and the Beast1987TV SeriesRate7.03,67111 months ago
The Carrie Diaries2013TV SeriesRate7.016,0649 months ago
Royal Pains2009TV SeriesRate7.013,4022 months ago
CSI: NY2004TV SeriesRate7.029,75411 months ago
Code Monkeys2007TV SeriesRate7.02,25016 Oct 2012
Battlestar Galactica1978TV SeriesRate7.08,21016 Oct 2012
Coach1989TV SeriesRate7.02,51016 Oct 2012
Conviction2006TV SeriesRate7.066311 months ago
The Event2010TV SeriesRate7.021,57416 Oct 2012
Saved by the Bell1989TV SeriesRate7.020,45516 Oct 2012
McLeod’s Daughters2001TV SeriesRate7.02,94316 Oct 2012
The Incredible Hulk1978TV SeriesRate7.06,83916 Oct 2012
Land Girls2009TV SeriesRate6.956711 months ago
666 Park Avenue2012TV SeriesRate6.914,21010 months ago
Earth 21994TV SeriesRate6.93,27616 Oct 2012
Numb3rs2005TV SeriesRate6.928,61316 Oct 2012
A Gifted Man2011TV SeriesRate6.96,05116 Oct 2012
Crossing Jordan2001TV SeriesRate6.97,18416 Oct 2012
Medium2005TV SeriesRate6.918,28816 Oct 2012
Ringer2011TV SeriesRate6.917,11411 months ago
Three Rivers2009TV SeriesRate6.997516 Oct 2012
Glee2009TV SeriesRate6.9102,6729 months ago
Knight Rider1982TV SeriesRate6.915,23016 Oct 2012
Persons Unknown2010TV SeriesRate6.86,5896 months ago
Airwolf1984TV SeriesRate6.84,24916 Oct 2012
The Bernie Mac Show2001TV SeriesRate6.84,68106 Feb 2013
Ally McBeal1997TV SeriesRate6.819,32016 Oct 2012
XIII: The Series2011TV SeriesRate6.81,86211 months ago
Murder, She Wrote1984TV SeriesRate6.89,59216 Oct 2012
Friends with Benefits2011TV SeriesRate6.72,19711 months ago
Terra Nova2011TV SeriesRate6.760,23416 Oct 2012
10 Items or Less2006TV SeriesRate6.71,07416 Oct 2012
Revolution2012TV SeriesRate6.758,85211 months ago
Xena: Warrior Princess1995TV SeriesRate6.725,29716 Oct 2012
NYC 222012TV SeriesRate6.71,2236 months ago
Outcasts2010TV SeriesRate6.64,58616 Oct 2012
Arn: The Knight Templar2007FeatureRate6.615,36611 months ago
Cashmere Mafia2008TV SeriesRate6.62,25816 Oct 2012
Private Practice2007TV SeriesRate6.515,16416 Oct 2012
‘Til Death2006TV SeriesRate6.54,58916 Oct 2012
Ugly Betty2006TV SeriesRate6.531,46416 Oct 2012
Dawson’s Creek1998TV SeriesRate6.522,63216 Oct 2012
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys1995TV SeriesRate6.517,17816 Oct 2012
Lipstick Jungle2008TV SeriesRate6.45,78016 Oct 2012
CSI: Miami2002TV SeriesRate6.436,09916 Oct 2012
Ghost Whisperer2005TV SeriesRate6.331,07016 Oct 2012
Accidentally on Purpose2009TV SeriesRate6.25,44516 Oct 2012
Cult2013TV SeriesRate6.23,6105 months ago
Melrose Place2009TV SeriesRate6.12,98416 Oct 2012
Hawthorne2009TV SeriesRate6.12,09516 Oct 2012
902102008TV SeriesRate6.029,32811 months ago
Dragnet1987FeatureRate5.922,39216 Oct 2012
The Cape2011TV SeriesRate5.87,04716 Oct 2012
Melrose Place1992TV SeriesRate5.76,35811 months ago
The Cleveland Show2009TV SeriesRate5.623,17316 Oct 2012
Rob2012TV SeriesRate5.61,77616 Oct 2012
The Secret Life of the American Teenager2008TV SeriesRate4.914,54916 Oct 2012
Cake2006TV SeriesRate4.81386 months ago
True Justice2010TV SeriesRate4.81,47711 months ago
Brothers2009TV SeriesRate4.819316 Oct 2012
How to Be a Gentleman2011TV SeriesRate4.71,58416 Oct 2012