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The top 25 Dirty Movies On Netflix of 2015

Let’s be honest. You’ve never heard of most of the movies available to stream on-demand through Netflix. Many are ranked by users between the one and two star range. But, where these films lack in such things as say, plot, they often makeup for their cinematic shortcomings with explicit nudity. The below list of streaming Netflix films containing hardcore sex was compiled in part from titles cross listed onMrSkin.com under the category, “real explicit sex.” While I have seen many of these titles, for the others I’ve had to take faith in the fact that Mr. Skin categorized these films alongside the hardcore sex tapes of Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson, Montana Fishburne, and Tila Tequila. Also please note as of January 2013 netfilx has been undergoing a major battle with top movie studios in regards to streaming rights. We make every attempt to keep the list as up to date as possible, but cannot guarantee its 100% accuracy on a day to day basis. We try to add content on a daily basis, but its expensive, and time consuming.
With that said enjoy 😉

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9 1/2 Weeks: In her prime, Kim Basinger explores her sexuality with a young Mickey Rourke. The film single handedly made Mickey Rourke a sex symbol, at least until he got heavy into boxing and plastic surgery. American. 1986. R.

* * *

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9 Songs: This is just porn dressed up as an indie film. The story follows a couple through the course of their relationship, which lasts roughly nine songs. Basically all the couple does is go out to concerts and come home to have sex. It was released in 2004 and is unrated.

* * *


Anatomy of Hell: A strange French film from director Catherine Breillat she attempts to explore female sexuality under the pretext that women have some sexual power over men. Very boring aside from the dirty scenes. (Unrated French Film from 2004).

* * *


Antares: This is a subtitled German language film with explicit sexual activity and language. Yet, it should not be misconstued as X-rated porn.

Even though there is a close-up of someone’s Wienerschnitzel in a hotel room, all of these scenes are secondary to the dramatic and well-crafted tales of men and women in modern day Vienna, struggling to come to terms with their sad, sordid and unfulfilling lives.

I would, however qualify my 5-Star Rating by noting that this movie is really for serious fans of foreign art films. Others are likely to be bored. This DVD is certainly quite lengthy, but manages to give good insights into the dark side of human nature.Austrian. 2004 NR.

* * *


Antichrist:You have to peel away the layers with this film, and for more people than not a single viewing will be more than enough. This film burrows in like a tick, sets up residence, and there is no cure. It stays with you like the memory of a trauma, but rewards you each time you contemplate its meanings and von Trier’s intents. Dark, bleak, beautiful, disturbing, revolting, and deeply sad. Dreamlike in logic and visual style. A troubling masterpiece with lots of boobs. Danish. 2009. NR.


* * *


Bedways:For me, this is a clever movie, subtle and dry, hard to believe it’s German. It is for all those people who have seen all the deep French films about sex. The story concerns a woman who wants to make a film about sex which is not pornographic but explicit, trying to reveal the ‘secret’ of sex. Really, a fitting commentary. Can’t say anything more without ruining it. German. 2010. NR.

* * *


Battle in Heaven: Apparently people just aren’t much into “faking it” anymore, even when it comes to sex in the movies. The Mexican film, “Battle in Heaven,” opens with a graphic scene of a young woman performing oral sex on the main character – and we can clearly see that this is not a simulation (it’s also not much of a stimulation given the man involved). I don’t know if the various hardcore scenes were actually included in the movie when it played theatrically in the United States in 2006. (This is a Mexican film made in 2005. NR.)

* * *


Caligula: Written by Gore Vidal, produced by Penthouseeditor Bob Guccione, and starring Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole, and Malcolm McDowell—this film is the predecessor of all art-house adult films. Unfortunately the Netflix version cuts some of the more provocative scenes, including an extended roman orgy featuring a midget. But there is enough of Helen Mirren’s magical boobs to keep you entertained. It also features such classic lines as, “Take my horse to his own bed.” 1979. UR.

* * *


Come Undone: A young Italian woman starts having an affair with an office lover, but as is always the case in these films, great sex is confused for something more. 2010. Italian. NR.

* * *


Eight Mile High: Natalia Avelon plays Munich’s 1960s “It girl” Uschi Obermaier, who rises from humble beginnings to sleep with people like the Rolling Stones. 2007. German. NR.

* * *


Exterminating Angels: A movie about a director making a movie about young, French women masturbating. French. 2006. NR.

* * *


Fiona: Fiona grew up in abusive foster homes and now lives as a crack-addicted prostitute. 1998. NR.

* * *


Inside Deep Throat: This documentary explores the iconicporn, Deep Throat, featuring plenty of nude scenes from the movie, including a slow motion shot of Linda Lovelace demonstrating her oral abilities. 2005. NC-17.

* * *


Intimacy: Two strangers meet once a week for frenzied, sex. Unfortunately emotions get involved. It reportedly includes a scene of actual fellatio. German. 2001. UR.

* * *


The Last Mistress: A 10-year affair is ruined by a marriage for money. French. 2007. NR

* * *


Last Tango in Paris: Renowned filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci basically gives Marlon Brando an empty apartment to improvise sexual encounters with the voluptuous Maria Schneider. What results are such classic lines as, “Get the butter.” Italian. 1972. NC-17.

* * *


Now & Later: A bail jumping, white-collar criminal falls for a sultry undocumented immigrant played by Shari Solanis. Through sex, Solanis shows the criminal how his paper crimes are impacting her world. 2009. NR.

* * *


The Pigkeeper’s Daughter: Sexy Moonbeam Swiner lives on a farm where there’s nothing to do except play with her pet piglet and roll in the hay with the locals. So when a traveling salesman comes to town, Moonbeam’s mother seizes the chance to marry the girl off. Of course, Mrs. Swiner will have to sample his wares first. A voluptuous virgin and a hitchhiking hooker add to the fun in this 1970s sexploitation romp. 1972. NR.

* * *


Princesas: Although she’s the product of an average, middle-class Spanish family, Caye works as a prostitute, spending her days hanging out at a hair salon, complaining about her low-class, immigrant competition. That is, until she meets Zulema, a recent arrival from the Dominican Republic who prompts Caye to reconsider her attitude toward her sister streetwalkers. 2005. Spanish. NR.

* * *


Sassy Sue: Farmer Pa Willard worries about his son’s taste in females when he sees Junior gazing at a cow named Sassy Sue, so he tries to tempt the boy with a series of human hotties in this 1970s sexploitation flick. 1973. NR.


Scrapbook: A low-budget horror film with plenty of disturbingly graphic scenes that follow actress Emily Haack through her naked captivity by a serial killer. 2000. NC-17.

* * *


Spetters: A motorcycle gang of man-boys race, drink beer, and have sex. After the main character becomes paralyzed from the waist down, his girlfriend does her best to breathe life back into his penis. Netherlands. 1980. NR.

* * *


The Sentiment of the Flesh: A drawing student and radiologist are brought together by a shared passion for human anatomy. An intense affair and obsession ensues. 2010. French. NR.

* * *


Sex is Comedy: Filmmaker Catherine Breillat’s semiautobiographical tale captures the making of a cinematic sex scene in all its awkwardness. The situation is further complicated by the director’s sexual relationship with one of the actors. French. 2002. R.

* * *


The Wayward Cloud: In drought-stricken Taiwan, Hsiao-Kang tries to hide his identity as a porn star while pursuing quiet girl Shiang-chyi. Featuring shocking musical numbers and explicit sex scenes, this surreal film follows the pair’s adventures in love and lust. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ming-liang Tsai, the film is startling for both its relentless nudity and its almost complete absence of dialogue. Chinese. 2005. NR.


More recent as of 6/ 20/2013

“9 Songs”.

9 Songs Netflix Porn

Netflix may not have an actual section of porn, but that doesn’t stop them from carrying this racy 2004 film. As this movie was in production, there were rumors that the sex scenes weren’t being choreographed, but were real. As it turns out, the rumors were true. The admission got the film banned in a few countries and caused an immense debate over whether the film should be considered porn or not.

“The Story of O”.

The Story of O Netflix Porn.jpg

Of all the movies in the Netflix porn selection, this movie might be the most well-known. As one of the mainstays of the BDSM subculture, it tells the story of a woman simply named O who willingly becomes a sexual slave to her lover, then to his brother. The graphic movie is based on a 1954 novel written by Dominique Aury.

“Anatomy of Hell”.

Anatomy of Hell Netflix Porn

This is one of those movies that is better watched for the sex scenes that the plot. Movie critics might have hated it, but if Netflix porn is your thing, then check this out. It’s about a woman who is rescued from a suicide attempt by a gay man at a club only to be hired by the woman tospy on her for four days as she reveals every part of herself to him. It may never win an Oscar, but that’s probably not why people are looking for this film in the first place.

“Trasgredire” / “Cheeky”.

Trasgredire Netflix Porn.jpg

This one may be a tad hard to find in the Netflix porn queue, but it’s there. Known as “Trasgredire” in Italy and “Cheeky” in English-speaking countries, it’s a movie about a young carefree girl who rents an apartment from a very horny lesbian real estate agent. If audiences are expecting to see the usual T&A, they are going to be pleasantly surprised that there is instead plenty of full frontal nudity from both sexes.

“Ma Mère”.

Ma Mère Netflix Porn

This has got to be one of the strangest titles in the Netflix porn collection. It’s not because of the nudity, although there is plenty of that. It’s the subject matter. It tells the story of a son who, upon the death of his father, discovers that his mother has been living a life of sexual abandon with several partners and she wants him next.


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