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List of all the Netflix movies available on IMDB’s Top 250, including links, year, rating, genre.


Were back at it again folks, this time  with a great list from a user on reddit. A complete list of all the netflix movies you can stream from IMDB’s top 250 movies , complete with links, year, rating, and genre.   Top 250 Ranking Move Year IMDB Rating Genre #5 Pulp Fiction[1] 1994 9.0 Crime/Drama/Thriller #6 The Good, The ...

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Trailer park boys netflix ‘Trailer Park Boys’ makes triumphant return on Netflix


    The Trailer Park Boys make their triumpant series return today, airing their eighth season on Netflix today, seven years since their last episode. That’s not to say creator Mike Clattenburg’s mockumentary series has taken a seven-year break. The cast and crew behind Trailer Park Boys has steadily released specials and content since their episodic finale in 2007, and the ...

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What is BoJack Horseman, You Ask? Only the Newest Netflix Original


  Folks always ask us for a list of Netflix original series, so we’re pretty excited that today Netflix released it’s latest experiment in original programming, BoJack Horseman. You’re probably scratching your head a bit wondering why Netflix chose another “adult-animated” series (seen Problem Solverz?), and the data will probably surprise a few of you. Shows like Archer, King of ...

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Netflix Announces Premiere Dates for Standup Specials from Bill Cosby, Chelsea Peretti, Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, and Chelsea Handler

Netflix is embarking on a big push into standup specials. The streaming network recently announced premiere dates for five new standup specials from Bills Burr and Cosby, Chelseas Handler and Peretti (Handler’s special was previously announced), and Aussie comic Jim Jefferies spanning from August 29th through December 5th. ““Jim Jefferies, Chelsea Handler, Bill Cosby, Bill Burr and Chelsea Peretti are ...

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